Hello There!

Welcome, join me on this adventure called life and see the beautiful Pacific Northwest along with my friends and family!

Please check out some of the tabs below and explore my photos, I apologize for the loading times, the photos I’ve uploaded are large files.

  • Whale Watching – Anacortes Island Adventures
    We had a blast this past weekend visiting with some family and witnessing a whole pod of Orcas, some Grey Whales and Humpback Whales 🐋! The San Juan islands are one of my favorite places. We saw some sea-lions fighting for space on a floating buoy and my heart is full ❤️ Thankful for theContinue reading “Whale Watching – Anacortes Island Adventures”
  • Old Robe Canyon Trail – Stillaguamish River
    We used the rest of our weekend getting up early for the beautiful sunshine outside. Went to a local spot and took our time walking along the Stillaguamish River admiring the reminder of the historic rail road tracks that were abandoned due to a rock slide. 10/10 would visit again.
  • Gas Works Park – Seattle
    Spring time is here and we are using every minute of it we can get! We spent the evening with some family watching the sun go down over the hill here at Gas Works Park. Fun Fact! Did you know that back in the early 70’s it was actually called Myrtle Edwards Park?